Hello Friends, In the previous example we have seen how to convert XMl to String. Now this example will do the exact opposite of the previous one i.e. we will now try to convert the […]

Hello Friends, This is one of my tutorials in java with respect to XML. Sometimes while working with web-services we may come accross with the requirements of sending the updates to the web-service via a […]

Hello Friends,   This is part III for collections tutorial. Earlier we have discussed regarding SET collection interface in part II. In this, we will be focusing on an interface that is used when the […]

Java Print Triangle Example.

Hello Friends, This is one of the basic examples for newbies who are still in the learning phase. Most of you may get an assignment to print an Triangle of * or numbers or serial […]


Hello Friends, This is regarding the terms from Computer Networks TDMA and FDMA. These two pre-3G technologies that have been utilized to improve the performance of the 2G network. FDMA (Frequency Division Multiplexing Access): FDMA […]

Including a file into a JSP file.

Hello Friends, This is one of the simple tutorials on jsp. Most of the time in any of the web application we need some part of the application on almost each of the pages. So, […]

Hello Friends, The Login application tutorial continues here in part II. Check Part I here. Step 4) Now, we need to create a Servlet file for the redirection of the jsp pages. In the src […]

Hello Friends, This is one of the tutorials on JSP and Servlets. In this we will discuss and create a simple login application using servlets and JSP where we will connect to the DB for […]

Hello Friends, This is the simple example for executing the SQL statements to INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE any records from the database using JDBC. In the below code I have explained all the three operations. […]

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